Did you know?

  • It’s not as EZ to demo a motorcycle as you would a car.
  • Most motorcycle and dealer insurance does not cover test rides.
  • EZ RiderDemo Protects you by minimizing contact.
Coverage Limits

Our insurance program provides insurance to cover dealers, riders and Powersport vehicles that are eligible under our Terms of Service. Coverage applies for the duration of each Demo, from start to finish, and includes liability, collision and comprehensive (e.g., fire, auto theft, vandalism) coverage.

Liability Coverage

Dealers are covered with a separate Corporate policy of up to $1,000,000 CSL.

Riders are covered in our insurance policy up to the liability limits. Dealers are covered up to a combined single limit liability. Riders, Coverage includes bodily or property damage arising from an auto accident according to the following Schedule: The below amounts represent limits for all states. The Master Policy insures Riders against liability to third-parties for bodily injury and property damage resulting from the use of the booked Powersport vehicle during the booked trip, up to the following limits, which exceed California State minimum requirements.

  • “Bodily Injury” Liability $100,000 Each Person $300,000 Each “Accident”
  • “Property Damage” Liability $50,000 Each “Accident”